Cy3 azide, 10mM in DMSO

Cy3 labeling reagent, solid, and 10 mM solution in DMSO, for Click Chemistry. Water-soluble version of this reagent is also available.

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Cy3 azide, 10mM in DMSO, 1 mL
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: Cy3 azide, 10mM in DMSO
Molecular Weight: 575.19
Variant MPN: 11030
Format: dark red solution
Purity: 95+% (NMR), pure (TLC), passed functional test (reaction with amine)
Solubility: Good in organic solvents; poor in water
Stability: Fluorescence degrades with prolonged exposure to light
Spectral Information: Cy3 excitation maximum: 546nmCy3 extinction at max excitation: 150,000Cy3 emission maximum: 563nmCy3 fluorescence quantum yield: 0.1
Storage: Store at -20°C in the dark
Shipped: Ambient temperature


Can replace Alexa Fluor 546 or DyLight 549


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