Maleoyl-beta-Ala-TAT is a synthetic peptide that includes the sequence responsible for the Tat protein. TAT (Transactivator of transcription) is one of the smallest transduction peptides available. This synthetic variant of the peptide, consisting of the polycationic region 49–57, corresponds to part of the protein transduction domain (PTD) and has been shown to enable the delivery of large peptides (~50kDa) into target cells.


  • TAT enables researchers to efficiently deliver peptides, compounds, nucleic acids, nanoparticles, or imaging agents into virtually any cell type.
  • Maleimide derivative makes it possible to easily conjugate the TAT peptide to any protein or other molecule of interest that contains a free sulfhydryl group.
  • FITC-conjugation allows for tracking of this peptide and conjugates with fluorescence detection techniques (Ex:495nm/Em:521nm).

From the laboratory of Paul C. Leavis, PhD, Boston Biomedical Research Institute.

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Product Type: Protein
Source: Synthetic
Molecular Weight: 1785.05 (FITC MW=389.382)
Amino Acid Sequence: Maleoyl-beta-Ala- Gly-Tyr-Gly-Arg-Lys-Lys-Arg-Arg-Gln-Arg-Arg-Arg*Optional FITC label is attached by a 6 carbon bridge (?-aminohexanoic acid) to the first lysine residue
Format: Lyophilized from 0.1% aqueous trifluoroacetate (TFA)
Purity: > 95% (HPLC)
Solubility: Deionized water, neutral buffer (pH 7.2 - 7.6)
Storage: For long term stability store at -20C
Shipped: Ambient temperature

From the laboratory of Paul C. Leavis, PhD, Boston Biomedical Research Institute.

Conjugation Protocol - Dissolve both peptides in small volume of neutral buffer (eg. PBS, pH 7.4). Allow the two peptides to react overnight at room temperatute. It is recommmended that maleoyl-beta-Ala-TAT is in excess of peptide (2:1). Seperate unconjugated peptides from conjugates prior to further experiments.

Cell Delivery Protocol - Add conjugated peptides to medium, in a range from 1 - 50 uM. Uptake by cells should occur within 30 - 60 minutes.

NOTE: Peptides being conjugated to the maleimide portion of the TAT peptide, must contain a Cys residue. This residue can be anywhere on the peptide, but typically it is best to have it at one end so not to affect the peptide's biological activity.

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  2. Collard R, Majtan T, Park I, Kraus JP. Import of TAT-Conjugated Propionyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase Using Models of Propionic Acidemia. Mol Cell Biol. 2018 Feb 27;38(6). pii: e00491-17. View Article

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