Anti-dsRNA [rJ2] Antibody

This mouse IgG2a monoclonal antibody [rJ2], recognizes double stranded RNA (dsRNA) of greater than 40 bp in length which is generated during the replication of positive sense genome viruses.


  • Reacts with dsRNA of positive sense genome viruses
  • Suitable for Immunoflourescence, Immunohistochemistry, Immuno-EM and Affinity Purification applications

Recombinant versions available from our sister company, Absolute Antibody:

rJ2 antibody can be used to detect dsRNA intermediates of viruses as diverse as Zika virus, Hepatitis C virus, Dengue virus, rhinovirus, Chikungunya virus, Rabies virus, Polio virus, Classic swine fever virus, Brome mosaic virus and many more in cultured cells and also in fixed paraffin-embedded histological samples.

For more information on how this antibody reacts with Zika virus see a blog post from ASM: Zika Virus Inside Cells

From the laboratory of Abraham L. Brass, MD, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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Anti-dsRNA [rJ2] Antibody
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Product Type: Antibody
Name: Anti-dsRNA [rJ2] Antibody
Antigen: double stranded RNA produced by positive sense genome viruses
Molecular Weight: dsRNA > 40 bp in length
Isotype: ES2001: IgG2a kappa
Recombinant versions: see product name
Clonality: Monoclonal
Fusion Tag(s): His-Tagged
Clone Name: Recombinant J2 (rJ2)
Reactivity: Positive sense genome viruses
Specificity: Positive sense genome viruses
Immunogen: dsRNA
Species Immunized: Mouse
Epitope: dsRNA from positive sense genome virus replication
Buffer: ES2001: Culture medium, DMEM and 5% FBS
Recombinant versions: PBS with 0.02% Proclin 300
Tested Applications: IF (1:60), IHC, immuno-EM, Affinity purification
Storage: ES2001: -80C
Recombinant versions: Store at 4C for up to 3 months. For longer storage, aliquot and store at -20C
Shipped: ES2001: Dry ice
Recombinant versions: Cold packs


Zika Virus Infecting Cells

Anti-dsRNA [rJ2] Antibody used at 1:60 to detect Zika virus (green) infection of cultured human cells. Zika virus levels are lower (top right panel), as UMMS researchers decreased the levels of the EMC1 protein in the human cells using siRNA. NT= non-targeting negative control siRNA. Cell nuclei are shown in blue below

Adapted from: Savidis G, et al. Cell Reports June 21 2016

From the laboratory of Abraham L. Brass, MD, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School.
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