Collagen I (Rat tail derived)

Type 1 Collagen from Rat Tail for use as a coating material to support adherent cells growth and differentiation.


  • Ready-to-use format - 1.25 mg/mL
  • QC’d by tens of researchers on a daily basis for gel formation, cell attachment quality and sterility

Collagen is the main component in connective tissue and helps to provide support for tissues. It is made up of several classes, with Type 1 collagen being the most common. Type 1 collagen has a herterotrimeric triple helical structure made up of two alpha-1(I) and one alpha-2(I) chains that form into elongated fibrils which are extremely strong. These fibrils can be found in skin, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues. Type 1 collagen has been shown to be useful as a substrate that promotes cell growth and proliferation. Under acidic conditions the protein is soluble, however by raising the temperature and pH the solution forms into a solid gel that can be useful for cellular studies. It can also be dried to form a thin layer on solid surfaces such as plates, slides, or coverslips to aid in cell attachment.

From the Cell Resource Core, Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Collagen I (Rat tail derived)
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Product Type: Protein
Name: Collagen I
Source: Rat (tail derived)
Concentration: 1.25mg/mL
Amount: 50mL
Comments: Endotoxin tested: <10EU/mL
Storage: +4C
Shipped: Cold packs


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