We work with scientists from a large number of prominent institutions to facilitate access to their laboratory-made research reagents. Below, current providing investigators describe how they’ve benefited from partnering with Kerafast.

“As the investigator providing materials, the Kerafast program saves a lot of time and a lot of my effort. We don’t have to go through the MTA process or get everything together and ship it; instead, that’s all taken care of upfront. It’s definitely a much quicker and much easier process than the traditional way of exchanging materials.”
-Scot R. Kimball, PhD, Penn State College of Medicine; Puromycin Antibody and Translation Initiation Factor Antibodies

 “After managing distribution of cell lines directly from our lab for more than 15 years, we are delighted with the solution provided by Kerafast. Our cell catalog is now centralized, we have realized savings in labor, we have virtually eliminated the paperwork required on our end, and Kerafast has the infrastructure to manage challenges associated with providing live cells to researchers within and outside of the United States. Working with Kerafast was amazingly easy. They understand researchers and their needs and they have helped accelerate the pace of our science. ”
-Jaime F. Modiano, VMD, PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Canine Cancer Cell Lines

“With Kerafast, it doesn’t matter whether the protein, compound or other reagent necessarily has wide appeal. It’s fine if the market is just other investigators like ourselves. Kerafast just makes it easier to get it out the door fast. We’re still protected in the same way without having to go through the laborious MTA process ourselves.”
-Leslie B. Poole, PhD, Wake Forest School of Medicine; Protein Cysteine Oxidation Probes

“Are you considering whether to become a Kerafast provider? Do it! Just as I did, you will find a friendly, helpful team committed to marketing and distributing your reagent in an efficient manner with the full protections of an MTA. Your unique reagent will benefit from worldwide exposure with the potential to reach scientists both inside and outside your field. It’s always a thrill to see your reagent cited in new publications that include your original reference, with Kerafast as the source. In the end, you can feel gratified, as I am, about sharing your reagent through Kerafast for the greater good of scientific discovery.”
-Gail M. Seigel, PhD, University at Buffalo; Retinal Cell Lines

“By not having to deal with individual requests and MTA paperwork, there is more time to focus on the research the lab needs to do. Additionally, some of the money from the sale of our cells comes back to the lab. In addition to saving us time and money, Kerafast has a website that allows people searching for this type of product to find it. It expands the marketing beyond those who may have read the original paper.”
-John W. Steinke, PhD, University of Virginia; Human LUVA Mast Cell Line

“Kerafast has done a nice job of advertising our reagents and their potential applications. Although we had published on all of our reagents, I think Kerafast has a broader audience and allows more research groups to have access to novel reagents. In addition, Kerafast takes care of the business side and distribution of reagents so we can focus our time on research and the development of new reagents. It has been a nice partnership and an easy way for our reagents to reach many research groups.”
-Keri A. Tallman, PhD, Vanderbilt University; Biotinylated & Metabolic Click Chemistry Probes