Community Mission

At Kerafast, our mission is to grow and foster a global community of scientists advancing life science research by facilitating access to bioresearch materials directly from the scientific community. We are committed to reinvesting back into research by returning a portion of every sale to the scientists and their institutions that contribute Reagents for the Greater Good

We encourage all scientists to join our community by providing and procuring novel reagents. These rare and often one-of-a-kind research materials are not developed or manufactured by Kerafast, but are instead produced by principal investigators in the course of their work. Providing investigators add their reagents to our online platform, where the materials can be easily accessed by other researchers, in return for generous royalty payments. Procurers can more easily discover and obtain materials to accelerate their research, while also funding the work of other scientists. These materials may be in limited supply, but may be just what an experiment requires, and we expedite their delivery through a rapid online material transfer ‘click license’ agreement for research use. Because any procurer can also be a provider, the entire interconnected community benefits for the greater good of science.

Click on the links below to learn more about our mission and the different members of our community.

  • Our Mission: more about our mission to advance scientific research
  • Providers: institutions and investigators who add their reagents to the Kerafast platform
  • Procurers: scientists who discover and access unique reagents via the Kerafast platform
  • Technology Transfer Offices: institutions’ commercialization teams, who help in the identification and licensing of unique reagents
  • Kerafast Partners (KFP): companies that offer their research products and services through the Kerafast platform
  • Kerafast Fellows: researchers participating in the Kerafast fellowship program, which offers real-life experience in technology commercialization