Technology Transfer Offices

At Kerafast, we work with the technology transfer offices (TTOs) of more than 200 providing institutions worldwide to identify unique research tools and establish the necessary license agreements to offer those reagents through our platform.

Our program streamlines the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) process, facilitating the dissemination of research tools while reducing the paperwork and staffing resources typically required of TTOs. It also allows institutions to maximize the revenue potential of their research tools, by providing an avenue to license materials that might otherwise be difficult to commercialize and returning double-digit royalties from the very first sale. We also proactively market our reagents to scientists worldwide, providing free publicity for institutions and their research.

In summary, the Kerafast program offers a simple solution for research tool transfer that allows TTOs to more easily deliver on institutional goals. To learn more about how your office can partner with Kerafast, please contact us at