The Kerafast program allows scientists worldwide to more easily discover and access unique research materials.

Our portfolio includes antibodies, cell lines, small molecules, dyes and more. These reagents are not developed or manufactured by Kerafast, but instead are produced by principal investigators in the course of their research. The available materials are therefore rare and often one-of-a-kind; in fact, more than 70% of our reagents cannot be found in any other commercial catalog. Though these materials may be in limited supply, they could be exactly what a procuring laboratory needs to accelerate its research.

Once a scientist identifies a reagent to purchase, he or she agrees to our online click license agreement. Modeled after the NIH guidelines for tools, this “research use only” license eliminates the need for a traditional Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). The reagents can then be shipped immediately, no additional paperwork required. In addition, a generous portion of the sale is returned to the contributing scientist and institution.

By purchasing their reagents from Kerafast, our procuring scientists are therefore helping to fund future scientific research, while also accelerating their own research via rapid access to unique reagents. 

Our procuring community: To date, scientists from 66 different countries across six continents have procured reagents using the Kerafast platform.