Contribute Reagents

At Kerafast, the reagents in our catalog come directly from investigators’ labs at prominent research institutions. Participating scientists have chosen to make their materials easily available to the global research community, allowing innovative reagents to be quickly accessed without a traditional Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). In return, providing investigators and their institutions receive a generous portion of every sale, providing an extra stream of funding for future research.

Has you lab created research tools that might be of use to other scientists? Click on the links below to learn more about adding your reagents to our platform.

  • Why Contribute? Discover how adding reagents to the Kerafast program can benefit your lab, your institution and scientific progress overall
  • How to Contribute: Learn about the simple process for making reagents available via the Kerafast platform
  • Suggest a Reagent: Recommend another lab’s reagents for addition to our catalog
  • Retiring or Closing Labs: Find a new home for your lab-made reagents before you retire or shutter your lab