Why Contribute?

At Kerafast, our mission is to make laboratory-made reagents easily accessible to the global scientific community. We encourage all investigators to add reagents to our platform, where the materials can be quickly accessed by researchers worldwide.

Why should you participate?

  • You can supply your reagents without time-consuming Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs).
  • With escalating paperwork and delays, the traditional MTA process can be a burden on academic labs, taking valuable time away from research. Our online platform allows for an instant MTA, significantly reducing the time and effort required to provide reagents to other scientists.

  • We streamline the process of packaging and shipping reagents.
  • Our team provides shipping kits and pre-paid shipping labels, as well as handles export control and tracking. If you prefer, we can also store and ship reagents from our in-house lab. Our goal is to reduce the time and resources required for your lab to distribute materials.

  • We proactively market investigators’ reagents to scientists worldwide.
  • Our marketing activities provide increased visibility for your lab’s research, while also uncovering interest and demand for unique reagents.

  • We return generous royalty payments to contributing laboratories and institutions.
  • Every quarter, we share the profits from your reagent sales, providing an extra stream of funding for additional research.

  • Together, we can help advance scientific progress.
  • To keep science moving forward, unique and useful biomaterials should be widely available to the global research community. By facilitating access to your reagents, you can provide perhaps the very thing that had been missing from a colleague’s research, stimulating new collaborations and accelerating scientific progress overall.

  • It’s easy!
  • Our team has experience working with investigators worldwide, and we have made the process of providing reagents through our platform as simple as possible. Learn how to contribute your reagents here.