Shipping Policy

We aim to ship all in-stock orders within one business day of order confirmation. Certain products ship from distributors or third-party locations. For these items, we cannot guarantee shipping within one business day.

We utilize FedEx delivery. In most cases, freight charges will be prepaid and added to your invoice. Freight charges may also be charged to a third-party FedEx account provided an account number is given at the time of the order. You will be notified of any backorders when you place an order. We do our best to maintain a complete inventory of all products and keep current backorder information available on each product page.

Ground Shipments
All room temperature products ship via FedEx Ground by default. If you prefer expedited shipping, please choose the desired service at checkout or include this request in your purchase order (PO).

Many of our products may be shipped at room temperature, even if the product datasheet reads "store at +4°C or -20°C". If the product is shipped at ambient temperature it is because the product is known to be stable for the duration of shipping and normal handling. However, storage in the refrigerator or freezer is often recommended for long-term stability of a product. Upon receipt of your product we recommend storage in the refrigerator or freezer (as indicated on the product datasheet).

Overnight Shipments
Many of our products are temperature-sensitive and require expedited shipping. To ensure safe delivery, a weekly cut-off time has been established. For customers in the United States, the deadline for same-week shipping is 4:00 p.m. ET Wednesday. Orders received after this deadline will be shipped the next following Monday. The deadlines for orders shipping outside the United States are listed on our International Orders page.

Antibodies: As a precautionary measure only, we ship our antibodies in packaging with ice packs to provide extra temperature stability in transit. The ice pack may be thawed or even at room temperature when you receive it; please be assured that this is normal and that your product is safe to use. Once you have received the vial, please follow the long-term storage instructions on the product datasheet. A materials and handling charge will be added to all cold pack shipments.

Proteins and Cell Lines: Our active proteins, cell lines, and other temperature-sensitive products are shipped on dry ice to maintain their quality during transit. Due to this special requirement, these products are shipped separately from other products on an order. Additional shipping/packing charges may apply. A materials and handling charge will be added to all dry ice shipments.

If you have shipping questions, please contact us by emailing or calling +1-800-546-1760.