Product Literature

At Kerafast, we offer a wide range of unique bioreagents developed by leading laboratories worldwide. Read through the materials below to learn about some available materials, or search through our entire product portfolio here.

PDF Tools for Cancer Research: highlights our many reagents used for studying cancer and malignancy, including antibodies, lentiviruses, compounds and cell lines
PDF Tools for Cell Biology Research: includes reagents ideal for cell biology studies, including stem cell, signaling, transport, metabolism and translational research
PDF Tools for Neuroscience Research: features the various antibodies, cell lines, media and proteins available for neurology studies
PDF Tools for Immunology Research: lists our antibodies, cell lines and other reagents for studying the innate and adaptive immune systems
PDF DNA-RNA Hybrid [S9.6] Antibody Publications: lists references for the versatile DNA-RNA hybrid antibody, which has been used successfully for many applications