Case Studies

Investigators from more than 140 research institutions worldwide have contributed reagents to the Kerafast program. Researchers find a number of advantages to working with Kerafast, including:

  • Reaching a global audience to increase visibility for their research tools
  • Streamlining the packaging and shipping of their reagents
  • Generating funding for their lab, institution and future scientists
  • Accelerating research by eliminating the hassle of the MTAs
  • Stimulating new research collaborations with scientists around the world
  • Providing perhaps the very thing missing from a colleague's research

The below case studies illustrate how the program works for some of our participating researchers:

Facilitating Reagent Distribution with Streamlined MTAs and Shipping

Michael A. Whitt, PhD, University of Tennessee; Delta-G-VSV Pseudotyping System

Kerafast enabled a busy lab to fulfill reagent requests with less time and effort through an online MTA and simplified shipping.

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Bringing a Unique Reagent to Researchers Around the World

Thomas Hollis, PhD, Wake Forest School of Medicine; Protein-Nucleic Acid Complex Crystal Screen

Kerafast spread the word about a unique crystal screen and streamlined the shipping process to bring it to researchers worldwide.

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Simplifying the Commercialization & Supply of a Reagent in Demand

James H. Morrissey, PhD, University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Polyphosphates

Kerafast offered an easy commercialization approach for a lab looking to license its unique and useful reagents.

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