Community Updates

We continue to add new institutions, investigators and reagents to the Kerafast community each week. Here are the latest additions to our program:

July 2018

  • University of California, Santa Cruz joins the Kerafast Community.
  • University of Kentucky joins the Kerafast Community.
  • Blaine A. Pfeifer, PhD, of University at Buffalo and Chaitan Khosla, PhD, of Stanford University contribute 6dEB plasmids and BAP1 E. coli Strain.
  • David L. Blum, PhD and Michelle M. Lewis, PhD, of University of Georgia contribute Recombinant TEV Protease.
  • Andrzej T. Slominski, MD, PhD, of University of Alabama at Birmingham contributes Hamster Melanoma Cell Line (AbC1).
  • Jaime F. Modiano, VMD, PhD, of University Minnesota, Twin Cities contributes additional Canine Cancer Cell Lines.

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