Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF-2)-GST Protein

This recombinant human FGF-2 is expressed as a GST-fusion protein, which allows for easy detection via western blot. The fusion junction of the protein harbors an engineered thrombin cleavage site and a protein kinase A (PKA) phosphorylation site. The GST portion of the fusion protein can be cleaved off by thrombin if necessary. The fusion protein can be radioactively labeled with 32P-r-ATP and PKA.

Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2 or b-FGF) belongs to the FGF family of more than 20 growth factors possessing broad mitogenic and angiogenic activities through differential interactions with four major tyrosine kinase FGF receptors. Cross-talk mechanisms exist among FGF-2 and different members of the VEGF family during angiogenesis and vasculogenesis. This property has implicated FGF-2 in diverse areas of preclinical studies such as tumor growth, vascular and bone remodeling, and cardiac hypertrophy. Multiple forms of FGF-2 are generated by alternative translation on the same mRNA transcript, producing a low molecular weight (LMW ~18 kDa) and several high molecular weight (HMW 20-24 kDa) forms from AUG (methionine) and CUG (leucine) codons, respectively. All FGF-2 forms lack a classical signal peptide that directs secretion through the endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi pathway.

From the laboratory of Te-Chung Lee, PhD, University at Buffalo.

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Product Type: Protein
Name: Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF-2)-GST
Accession ID: P09038, NM_002006
Source: Recombinant, purified from E. coliBL21
Molecular Weight: 17.3 kDa (~40kDa with GST)
Fusion Tag(s): GST
Purity: 99%
Buffer: PBS
Concentration: 0.1mg/mL
Storage: Store at -80C
Shipped: Dry ice


FGF-2 Activity Analysis

YY1 Protein

FGF-2 activity assessed by its ability to stimulate cell proliferation. The figure shows FGF-2-mediated stimulation of C2C12 myocyte proliferation. Cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of GST-FGF-2 for 3 days in the absence of serum, and MTT assay was performed to measure cell growth. The figure shows that maximal growth stimulation was achieved at a GST-FGF-2 concentration of ~10 ng/ml.

From the laboratory of Te-Chung Lee, PhD, University at Buffalo.

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