Anti-Heat-Labile Enterotoxin (HLT) LT-IIc Antibody

This rabbit polyclonal antibody was raised against protein and recognizes His-tagged LT-IIc, a type II heat-labile enterotoxin of Escherichia coli.


  • Recognize both the A and B subunits of the toxin LT-IIc, a type II heat-labile enterotoxin
  • Suitable for Western Blot and ELISA applications

LT-IIc is a type II heat-labile enterotoxin produced by certain strains of Escherichia coli. LT-IIc binds to gangliosides GM1, GM2, GM3, and GD1a, but has no detectable binding activity for GD1b, GQ1b, and GT1b, three gangliosides which are avidly bound by LT-IIa, another type II heat-labile entertoxin. LT-IIc binds to GM1, a ganglioside also bound by cholera toxin, a type I heat-labile enterotoxin, and by LT-IIa, but not by LT-IIb, the third member of the type II heat-labile enterotoxin family. The molecule induces high levels of cAMP in the cell upon intoxication. The enterotoxin is also a very strong mucosal and systemic adjuvant when administered by intranasal or intradermal routes.

From the laboratory of Terry D. Connell, PhD, University at Buffalo.

Catalog Number Product Size AVAILABILITY Price Qty
Anti-Heat-Labile Enterotoxin (HLT) LT-IIc Antibody, 50uL
50uL 1-2 weeks
Price: $250.00
Product Type: Antibody
Antigen: LT-llc
Molecular Weight: 88 kDa
Clonality: Polyclonal
Immunogen: Protein
Species Immunized: Rabbit
Buffer: Antiserum
Tested Applications: WB (1:5,000 - 1:20,000)
Comments: Hyperimmune antiserum
Storage: -80C
Shipped: Dry Ice
From the laboratory of Terry D. Connell, PhD, University at Buffalo.

  1. Hesham F. Nawar, Sergio Arce, Michael W. Russell and Terry D. Connell. 2005. Mucosal Adjuvant Properties of Mutant LT-IIa and LT-IIb Enterotoxins That Exhibit Altered Ganglioside-Binding Activities. Infect. Immun. 73(3):1330-1342.

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