1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanol-ferroceneacetamide (FC-DSP)

This ferrocene bearing phospholipidic compound was obtained by coupling between 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine and ferroceneacetic acid, and can be self-assembled into redox-triggered liposomal vesicles.


  • Simple one-step scalable non-enzymatic synthesis of ferrocene bearing phospholipids
  • Self-assembly into vesicles that securely encapsulate toxic drugs
  • Redox triggering liposomes selective to cancer cells, leaving normal cells unharmed
  • Based on the difference of electrical potential between different cell types, the system could be used in a remote manner to release encapsulated biologically active material into specific target cells such as cancer cells

Along with nanoparticles and monoclonal antibodies, liposomes are one of the most common drug delivery systems used today as they are nontoxic, biodegradable and biocompatible. The development of liposomes in the past decades has resulted in several technical advances such as long-circulating (PEGylated) liposomes, triggered-release liposomes, remote drug-loading liposomes and ligand-targeted liposomes.

From the laboratory of Sylvain Canesi, PhD, University of Quebec at Montreal.

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1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanol-ferroceneacetamide (FC-DSP), 5mg
5mg 3-5 weeks
Price: $725.00
Product Type: Small Molecule
Name: 1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanol-ferroceneacetamide
Chemical Formula: C45H75FeNO9P
Molecular Weight: 860.9
Format: Dark-brown oil
Purity: 95% by NMR
Solubility: Organic Solvents
Spectral Information: 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3): δ 7.04 (br, 1H), 5.23 (br, 1H), 4.37 (br, 1H), 4.22 (br, 2H), 4.12 (br, 5H), 3.94 (br, 2H), 3.49 (br, 4H), 3.28 (br, 2H), 3.05 (br, 4H), 2.28 (br, 4H), 1.58 (br, 4H), 1.25 (br, 40H), 0.87 (t, J = 6.5 Hz, 6H).
13C NMR  (75 MHz, CDCl3): δ 173.60 (s), 173.21 (s), 70.56 (s), 69.26 (s), 68.92 (s), 68.14 (s), 62.82 (s), 45.87 (s), 34.44 (s), 34.25 (s), 32.05 (s), 29.80 (s), 29.65 (s), 29.49 (s), 29.29 (s), 25.02 (s), 22.81 (s), 14.24 (s), 8.73 (s).
Storage: 4C
Shipped: Ambient Temperature
From the laboratory of Sylvain Canesi, PhD, University of Quebec at Montreal.
  1. Noyhouzer T, L'Homme C, Beaulieu I, Mazurkiewicz S, Kuss S, Kraatz HB, Canesi S, Mauzeroll J. Ferrocene-Modified Phospholipid: An Innovative Precursor for Redox-Triggered Drug Delivery Vesicles Selective to Cancer Cells. Langmuir. 2016 May 3;32(17):4169-78.

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