Anti-Arabinogalactan-protein (AGP) [LM2] Antibody

This rat IgM monoclonal antibody was generated against polysaccharide and recognizes land plants arabinogalactan-protein (AGP).


  • Reacts with land plants AGP
  • Suitable for Immunofluorescence and ELISA applications

Generated to rice arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs). Recognizes a carbohydrate epitope containing Β-linked glucuronic acid. It can recognize AGPs in several species. In competitive inhibition ELISAs antibody binding to gum arabic was inhibited (50%) by 70 mg/ml 1-Ο-methyl-Β-D-GlcA. The binding of the antibody to AGPs can be fully inhibited by 10 mM 1-Ο-methyl-Β-D-GlcA. Arabinogalactans are plant glycans composed primarily of arabinosyl and/or galactosyl residues. Arabinogalactans can be found in plants as free glycans, or attached to rhamnogalacturonan-I or protein backbones.

From the laboratory of Paul Knox, PhD, University of Leeds.

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Anti-Arabinogalactan-protein (AGP) [LM2] Antibody, 5mL (supernatant)
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Product Type: Antibody
Antigen: Arabinogalactan-protein (AGP)
Isotype: IgM
Clonality: Monoclonal
Clone Name: LM2
Reactivity: Land plants
Immunogen: Polysaccharide
Species Immunized: Rat
Epitope: Glucuronosyl residue of AGP
Buffer: Cell Culture Supernatant, 0.05% Sodium Azide
Tested Applications: IF (1:10), ELISA (1:10)
Storage: +4C (short term), -20C (long term)
Shipped: Ambient temperature
From the laboratory of Paul Knox, PhD, University of Leeds.
  1. Smallwood M, Yates EA, Willats WGT, Martin H, Knox JP (1996) Immunochemical comparison of membrane-associated and secreted arabinogalactan-proteins in rice and carrot. Planta 198, 452-459

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