NuLink Biotin-15

NuLink Biotin-15 is a one-step water soluble reagent suitable for the biotinylation of a variety of biomolecules.


  • Rapid - reactions can be complete in less than 15 min with clean product ready in under 1 hr
  • Quantifiable - No need for HABA assays! NuLink Biotin-15 can be quantified with a simple single-point U.V. scan (335 nm)
  • Dual Monitoring - NuLink Biotin-15 renders labeled molecules with unique absorbance (335 nm) and fluorescent (420 nm) signatures
  • Minimal byproducts - NuLink regents produce only inert CO2 upon reaction. Unreacted or hydrolyzed reagent is easily removed by means of a number of downstream processing steps
  • Water Soluble - Highly water soluble (≥ 40 mg/ml)

NuLink Biotin-15 makes use of the quaternary ammonium salt (native to all NuLink reagents) to provide superior water solubility thereby rendering the need for organic solvents unnecessary. Like all NuLink reagents, NuLink Biotin-15 is stable under aqueous conditions and exhibits rapid reaction kinetics with ε-NH2 of Lysine residues.

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NuLink Biotin-15, 1x5mg
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NuLink Biotin-15, 5x1mg
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Product Type: Small Molecule
Chemical Formula: C26H38ClN5O5S
Molecular Weight: 568.13
Extinction Coefficient: ε = 3725 M-1 cm-1; Correction factor (C280) = 0.3325
Storage: +4C
Shipped: Ambient Temperature

Reaction Scheme

Reaction Scheme

Classical reagents used for biotinylation exhibit poor water solubility thereby necessitating the use of organic co-solvents such as DMF, DMSO or acetonitrile. Because the use of such organic solvents is often contraindicated in many biotechnology applications it is highly desirable that the chosen applications be compatible with aqueous systems. NuChemie's NuLink Biotin reagents all exhibit excellent water solubility, ranging in solubilities from ~40 mg/ml.

NuLink Biotin reagents offer additional benefits over other classical biotinylation reagents. Like all reagents within the NuLink platform, Nulink Biotin reagents are easily quantified using a simple U.V. scan. This attribute of the NulInk Biotin platform renders the use of the standard secondary HABA assay unnecessary.

Like the rest of the NuLink platform NuChemie's NuLink Biotin reagents offer exceptional characteristics over standard N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) esters. The NuLink platform exhibits superior stability under aqueous conditions, whilst concurrently exhibiting faster reaction kinetics with primary amines compared to similar NHS systems.

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