GlowDot40 Protein-Based Fluorescent Nanoparticles

These protein-based fluorescent nanoparticles are readily taken up by cells, biocompatible, and offer a variety of wavelengths to choose from multi-channel live cell imaging.


  • Protein-Based - Low toxicity, biocompatible, and completely biodegradable
  • Rapidly Internalized - Ideal for cell imaging
  • Available in a variety of Excitation/Emission wavelengths
  • Tested Cell Lines: HeLa, A549, HN12 (others not tested)

From the laboratory of C. Vijaya Kumar, PhD, University of Connecticut.

Catalog Number Product Size AVAILABILITY Price Qty
GlowDot40-254W, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $300.00
GlowDot40-340, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
GlowDot40-350, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
GlowDot40-365W, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $300.00
GlowDot40-402W, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $300.00
GlowDot40-432, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
GlowDot40-494, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
GlowDot40-543, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
GlowDot40-576, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
GlowDot40-N, 3mg
3mg In stock
Price: $150.00
Product Type: Small Molecule
Internal Contents: bovine serum albumin, organic dye, natural amino acids
Particle Morphology: Sphere, rough, porous
Format: 3mg in glucose matrix per tube
Spectral Information: GlowDot40-254W - Ex: 254nm; Em: 400, 520, 603nm
GlowDot40-340 - Ex: 340nm; Em: 376nm
GlowDot40-350 - Ex: 350nm; Em: 400nm
GlowDot40-365W - Ex: 365nm; Em: 400, 520, 603nm
GlowDot40-402W - Ex: 402nm; Em: 470, 520, 603nm
GlowDot40-432 - Ex: 432nm; Em: 472nm
GlowDot40-494 - Ex: 494nm; Em: 520nm
GlowDot40-543 - Ex: 543nm; Em: 571nm
GlowDot40-576 - Ex: 576nm; Em: 603nm
Size Distribution: ±5nm
Mean Diameter: 35nm
Surface Functionalization: acid, base, hydroxyl, and others
Nanoparticle Consistency: Uniform
Storage: 4C
Shipped: Cold packs
From the laboratory of C. Vijaya Kumar, PhD, University of Connecticut.

Recommended Protocol

  1. Remove centrifuge tube from packaging.
  2. Re-suspend centrifuge tube contents in 10 mM Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 so that the final volume is 100 uL. This will yield a 10 mg/mL solution of GlowDots.
  3. Filter re-suspended GlowDots using a 13 mm diameter PVDF filter with 0.22 µm pore size.
  4. Incubate cells with 0.3 mg/mL for 1 hour.
  5. Image cells on confocal microscope with appropriate excitation laser.
  1. Deshapriya IK, Stromer BS, Pattammattel A, Kim CS, Iglesias-Bartolome R, Gonzalez-Fajardo L, Patel V, Gutkind JS, Lu X, Kumar CV. Fluorescent, bioactive protein nanoparticles (prodots) for rapid, improved cellular uptake. Bioconjug Chem. 2015 Mar 18;26(3):396-404.

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