Helping our customers and employees during the COVID pandemic

Kerafast is committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees during this trying time. Our offices are following government guidelines in order to maintain a safe environment, while supplying our customers with the reagents they need for critical research.

Although we are carefully managing the number of employees at our locations at any given time and practicing extreme social distancing, we have been able to maintain our commitment to our customers, including many who are working on COVID-19. Our production lines are all running in order to deliver reagents without delay. We continue to work feverishly to make reagents available in our catalog to address coronavirus research and are frequently adding new and unique reagents.

Production timelines and shipping times are not affected at this time – our website reflects appropriate lead times for our reagents. Should an issue arise, rest assured our customer service team will contact you immediately if there is any impact on your order.

With our sister company, Absolute Antibody, we are doing what we can to support COVID-19 research and the frontline workers helping us all get through this pandemic. Examples include:

  • We have facilitated access to the Delta-G-VSV Pseudotyping System, a reverse genetics system that enables studies of SARS-CoV-2 viral entry and COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, the reagents have been shipped to scientists in 22 different countries across four continents.
  • We are offering recombinant coronavirus antibodies in unique engineered formats, produced via Absolute Antibody’s recombinant expression platform.
  • We have licensed unique coronavirus-related research tools from academic laboratories and made them easily available to the global scientific community via our online catalog.
  • We have donated to Off Their Plate, a non-profit organization that delivers meals for health care workers, to show our support for our local community of hospital workers.

Our employees miss the ability to interact with our customers and partners at conferences and trade shows. While these activities have all been cancelled or significantly postponed, our team is presenting and participating in various virtual conferences and webinars via our Absolute Antibody brand.

The Kerafast team is available via customer service, sales and technical support contacts and will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We hope you, your family and your colleagues are all well and look forward to working together to support your research.