History of Our Program

Our unique program was developed in 2010 by bench scientists to provide Reagents for the Greater Good of life science laboratories worldwide in response to three challenges:

  • To keep science moving forward, new research materials must continually become widely available to the global research community;
  • However, the collegial exchange of new tools among scientists around the world increasingly has been hampered by the mounting complexities and inefficiencies of the Material Transfer Agreement process;
  • Additionally, the increasing scarcity of government research funding has created a significant growing need for alternative sources of support for laboratory research.

At Kerafast, we developed a program to put rare and unique laboratory materials to work for the benefit of science, specifically the rich bounty of research tools currently stored in the thousands of laboratory freezers lining the halls of academia. These include materials such as antibodies, cell lines, compounds, viral vectors, plasmids, etc., that may be shared currently under Material Transfer Agreements (MTA). With escalating paperwork, delays, and costs, the process of MTA exchange is becoming a heavy burden on academic labs that the program at Kerafast can remedy quickly and efficiently.

When providing labs participate in our program, procuring labs in the research community can easily find and purchase the materials online at www.kerafast.com. Kerafast actively markets and promotes these research tools to interested scientists around the world, and when the materials are purchased, we generously split the profits with the providing lab and institution.

The Benefits of "Fair Commerce"

Everyone benefits: Perhaps your lab possesses the very thing missing from a distant colleague’s research. Procuring labs gain a streamlined way to learn about and acquire rare and unique materials. MTA paperwork disappears. Procuring labs provide fair payback to support providing labs and their institution. And perhaps intriguing new doors of collaboration and partnership are opened on all sides.

Why Join as a Providing Laboratory?

  • Global audience and increased visibility for Research Tools You developed.
  • Funding for You from Research Tools developed in Your Lab.
  • Accelerate research by eliminating the hassle of the MTA document exchange rate-determining-step.
  • Funding for Your Institution and future scientists.
  • Stimulate new research collaborations with scientists around the world.
  • Provide perhaps the very thing missing from a colleague's research.

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Have additional questions? Please contact us at community@kerafast.com.