Kerafast in the News

The Kerafast mission is to advance life science research by facilitating access to unique laboratory-made reagents. As we continue to add new institutions, investigators and research tools to our global community, this page will highlight the latest company news.

Press Releases

Kerafast celebrates 5 years of facilitating access to research reagents

Start-up company now partners with 140+ prominent research institutions

December 13, 2016

Kerafast expands list of international providing institutions

Key partners add to growing list of academic institutions making reagents available

August 2, 2016

Kerafast adds new Zika virus antibody to its catalog of novel life science reagents

Company aims to help accelerate progress toward a vaccine or treatment for this global health threat

May 3, 2016

Kerafast partners with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) - enables sharing of NCI research materials through Kerafast platform

Partnership seeks to advance scientific discovery by offering important bioreagents

August 19, 2015


Kerafast, Facilitating Access To Research Materials For Five Years

February 8, 2017

MLSC Portfolio Spotlight

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Weekly Digest

December 27, 2016

New Products


November 18, 2016

ICBR to Lead Kerafast Reagent Access Program at UF

University of Florida

November 17, 2016

Deal Me In! One Postdoc’s Venture into the Life Sciences Business

NIH Best

September 14, 2016

On the Cutting Edge


August 2016

Commercialize Reagents for Fun and Profit

Bitesize Bio

July 14, 2016

Special Focus on Zika: Spring sees pharma and life-sciences entities spring into action on Zika


July 2016

Zika Virus Inside Cells

American Society for Microbiology blog

May 25, 2016

Fünf Tipps für die Auswahl des richtigen Antikörpers (Five tips for choosing the right antibody)


May 9, 2016

Exploring Non-Academic Fellowships and the Good They Bring to an Early Career Scientist

University of Rochester YoUR Postdoc Press Newsletter

May 2016

New Antibody Against Zika


April 28, 2016

New Company Aims to Broaden Researchers' Access to Organoids

Nature Medicine

April 6, 2016

Streamlining the MTA Process to Alleviate the Burden on Technology Transfer Offices and Facilitate the Dissemination of Research Tools

Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

April 2016

New Program Provides Funding and Simplified Reagent Transfer for SLU Labs

St. Louis University

March 31, 2016

Easy Collaboration: Reagent-Sharing Solution Accelerates Life Science Research


August 28, 2015

Kerafast: Connecting Scientists and Providing “Reagents for the Greater Good”

American Laboratory

April 27, 2015

Medical Labs’ Leftovers Find Uses Elsewhere

The Boston Globe

October 22, 2014