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  • W. Todd Lowther, PhD of Wake Forest School of Medicine contributes Free Methionine-(R)-Sulfoxide Reductase (fRMsr) variant.
  • City of Hope joins The Investigator’s Annexe.
  • Erik I. Hewett, MD of University of Virginia contributes Adenylate Cyclase Toxin Antibodies.
  • University of Virginia contributes Human Serum Albumin Antibody.
  • University of Southern California joins The Investigator’s Annexe.
  • Bryce M. Paschal, PhD of University of Virginia contributes NTF2 Antibodies.
  • Lester I. Binder, PhD of University of Virginia contributes Tau1 Antibody.
  • University of South Carolina joins The Investigator’s Annexe
  • National University of Singapore joins The Investigator’s Annexe

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  • Eptiope Biotech, Inc brings monoclonal antibodies for specific tag and loading control epitopes.

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  • Stratec Molecular adds a full line of DNA/RNA prep kits to KFP, the KeraFAST Partner Program.

January 2011

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