About KeraFAST

Headquartered in Boston, MA, KeraFAST provides Reagents for the Greater Good.  We serve an interconnected global community of investigators advancing Science through ‘fair commerce’ in laboratory-derived academic research reagents:

  • “Providing” laboratories offer through our website a wide array of new, rare and unique materials, reagents and tools for the benefit of research in “Procuring” laboratories throughout the world;
  • Procuring laboratories accelerate their research through rapid on-line access to these new reagents;
  • Procuring laboratories support Providing laboratories through a generous share in the proceeds from their purchase of the materials;
  • Since any Procuring laboratory can also be a Providing laboratory, the entire community benefits for the greater good of Science.
Through our unique program with Providing universities and other non-profit life science research institutions, The Investigator's Annexe, KeraFAST offers rapid accessibility to the global research community of an extensive portfolio of innovative research products that are not available elsewhere, including an incomparable assortment of rare and unique reagents, biological materials, compounds, labels, and probes.

These tools are not developed by KeraFAST, but rather are produced by the Providing investigators themselves in the course of their research projects. Like the unique rarities you may find in an antique store, these 'as-is' materials may be in limited supply, but may be just what your experiments require. Through our website, KeraFAST makes these rare and often one-of-a-kind materials available in a convenient, searchable digital marketplace, and expedites their delivery through a rapid on-line material transfer 'click license' for research use. Click here to see our growing list of respected Provider institutions.

We are also pleased to partner with a number of exciting companies — through the KFP-KeraFAST Partners program — to offer their innovative research products and services through our global e-commerce portal.

We sell all products directly worldwide, without other distributors. You can order online or via email at

We accept credit cards, wire transfers, and purchase orders from most research institutions (dependent upon credit history).

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