Nephron Progenitor Cells

Primary nephron progenitor cells from embryonic mouse kidney. The nephron progenitor expansion medium (NPEM) is a proprietary cocktail specifically developed for the propagation of primary nephron progenitor cells isolated from embryonic mouse kidneys.


  • Primary CITED1+ cells from the cap mesenchyme of the developing mouse kidney
  • Harvested from embryonic day 17.5 kidneys from mice of the ICR outbred stock
  • Maintain progenitor characteristics and potential for differentiation up to 6 passages if propagated in NPEM

Nephron is the basic structural and functional unit of the kidneys. It is the structure that produces urine by a process that removes waste and excess substances by filtering blood. The nephron also regulates blood volume and blood pressure, as well as controls electrolytes and metabolites and regulates blood pH which make them vital to human life.

From the laboratory of Leif Oxburgh, DVM, PhD, Maine Medical Cancer Research Institute.

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Catalog Number Product Size AVAILABILITY Price Qty
Nephron Progenitor Cells
1 vial 1-2 weeks
Price: $967.00
Nephron Progenitor Cells with NPEM Medium (1 vial + 5x10mL)
1 vial cells + 5x10mL medium 1-2 weeks
Price: $1,720.00
Nephron Progenitor Cell Medium (NPEM), 10mL
10mL 1-2 weeks
Price: $213.00
Product Type: Cell Line
Name: Primary NPCs
Cell Type: Embryonic nephron progenitor cell
Organism: Mouse
Morphology: Small cobblestone cells
Biosafety Level: BSL1
Growth Conditions: Cells must be propagated in NPEM (Kerafast Cat. EME103)
Source: Embryonic kidney
Storage: Liquid nitrogen
Shipped: Dry ice

Protocol Notes
WB Data

Optimal Slit Density: Cells must be split at relatively low density to maintain progenitor characteristics (see image above).

From the laboratory of Leif Oxburgh, DVM, PhD, Maine Medical Cancer Research Institute.

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